Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fable: A Tale of Two Cats

 A Tale of Two Cats

Once upon a time there was a house where two people lived, but they are inconsequential to this story.  This story is about two cats, Hubert and Henry, who resided there and established the tone and tenor of the abode.  Hubert and Henry didn’t want to live together, had not chosen to share the space and found no common ground to forge a friendship.  Sharing anything was unthinkable.  Hubert slept on the green couch in the living room.  Henry curled up on the blue leather couch in the den.  Hubert ate in the morning, Henry at night.  Hubert liked to sit with the lady of the house and Henry kept to himself.  If the two cats passed in the hallway it generally included some hissing and growling before they separated.  There was no room for compromise, concession or cooperation.  

When a mouse found his way in through a small opening in the crawl space, Henry dispatched with it in short order.  Hubert feigned indifference and boredom.  As the days wore on, the mice invasion increased and Henry was unable to catch them all.  Unwilling to ask for help, the problem grew.  Hubert looked the other way.  

But then the problem started to affect them both.  The mice began to eat the cats’ food right out of their bowls.  Their very sustenance was being taken out from under their noses by the pesky intruders.  But the cats refused to join forces.  The growling and hissing increased, the hunger set in, but still no concession.  

Toward the end, the cats had grown quite thin and spent most of their days languishing on their separate couches dreaming in fits about tuna and chicken flavored cat food. Would they ever join together to work for the common good?

Extend a paw in friendship today 
and tomorrow your burdens will lighten.

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