Sunday, August 21, 2011

Poem: Free Verse

 Free Verse
I wrote a free verse
About this thing and that,
It flitted along
On a free versy track,

The words seemed to flow
With effortless ease,
Like clouds floating by
On a late summer breeze,

No pattern, no plan,
The words pattered on,
I wrote like the wind
From midnight ‘til dawn,

And when I was done
I read what I’d writ,
And laughed to myself;
It gave me a fit,

My free verse was not
A free verse you see,
It rhymed up and down;
All written by me,

So, tomorrow I’ll try
To do it again,
I promised free verse
To a poetry friend,

Alas and Egad
I guess he’ll be mad,
Check back next week
And see what I have.

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