Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Poem - Whence Cometh

 Candle photo - Rita Bourland
Whence Cometh

I sit in a church pew alone with my thoughts,

Votive candles flicker,
casting shadows
Across the floor and walls,

I close my eyes soaking up the silence,
Reveling in the solitude,

Whence cometh the peace
I find in this place,

No priest is present to shape my thoughts,
Discern my prayers,

Whence cometh the ache in my heart,
The yearning for some unknown

If God be present in this space,
Then let him rest in me,

Let him spend this Advent
Moving hearts and minds,

Let him be the flickering light inside each man,
Let him be our peace this Christmas.


  1. Rita: Last I tuned in you were having trouble getting to writing. And now......one a day again! So far, I love this one best of your advent pieces. And the photo too. Perfect. Love, Libby

  2. Thank you, Libby. Not really doing one a day, but I have been doing a bit more writing. So glad you liked this one. Thanks for checking in.

  3. This poem is quakingly powerful in its message and in its prayerful wishes. "Reveling in the solitude" - yes, there is such a special blessing in experiencing solitude. It leads a path back to our very essence, without the din of the world around us. Thank you for sharing your beautiful perspective.

  4. And thank you for commenting, Michelle. I agree that solitude is hard to find, but once we do it opens the door to so much more.