Sunday, December 2, 2012

More Wonder!

To the Best of our Knowledge, a production of Wisconsin Public Radio, aired a fascinating program this afternoon called:  More Wonder!   I listened intently, realizing the message tied in perfectly with my desire to find my misplaced Christmas spirit.  An astronomer was interviewed, as well as a sound installation artist named Janet Cardiff, who creates awe-inspiring settings with cascading, ethereal sounds. 

It turns out we might all be running a bit low on wonder.  What is innately found in children is often slowly but surely stomped out by years of schooling, work and responsibilities.   Slowing down to notice, listen, and absorb a bit of wonder becomes increasingly difficult. 

My middle son is a musician who just produced his first solo album.  I am in awe of his accomplishment.  When I listen to his music, I sit very quietly, absorbing the nuance of the words, the notes and the overall sound - I feel a hopefulness wash over me.  It feels like what I am seeking.  With 24 days to go, I will take that as a hopeful sign that I still might find my Christmas spirit.

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