Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Am Powerless - Storms through Ohio

 Columbus, Ohio June 29, 2012 - Photo by Rita Bourland

It is the 5th day without power and I (along with about 200,000 others) am being tested both physically and emotionally.  How to keep my sanity when it’s 95 degrees or higher every single day?  The heat has permeated my brain, making simple decisions quite difficult. 

I Am Powerless

I am powerless,
sitting limply in a pool of sweat
controlling nothing,

Mother Nature
brought the winds,
uprooting trees,
laying them on the ground
in an intricate game of pick-up sticks
for mere mortals to

with no relief in sight,
a mirage
would be welcome,
if only to offer images
of coolness and comfort,

I cling to my tentative
on patience,
trusting power
will return before sanity snaps,
much like the lines
felled by mighty trees
brought to their knees
by the storm.


  1. I absolutely laughed at the line about a comforting mirage! It's easy to smile now that power is finally restored. THANKFULLY!
    Love from Maine

    1. Thanks! Believe me I would have loved a mirage! I am SOOO happy to have power again.