Thursday, June 28, 2012

Planting Is What We Must Do

 Honey Locust Arbor - Photo by Rita Bourland 2012

Our neighborhood is blessed with a canopy of Honey Locust Trees that shade the entire length of our street.  The original owner of our house came up with the idea of planting the trees back in 1970.  She talked to all the neighbors, gained their support for her idea, and began digging.  For over forty years the trees have stood sentinel, offering a gorgeous green awning for passersby.  We are the beneficiaries of her vision.

Planting Is What We Must Do

We plant things every day,


Opening our hands
We offer our gifts
Hoping to create something lasting,
Something beautiful,

Mighty oaks,
Lyric poems,
Words that embrace,
Songs full of grace,

Planting is what we must do
To ensure something lasting remains
For the folks
Who follow,

Opening our hands
We offer our gifts
Good things will take root.

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