Friday, July 20, 2012

Poem - Do Others Cry Too?

Art by Kendra Baird - 
Poetry by Rita Bourland

 Do Others Cry Too?

So tragic the death,
so senseless the act,

my tears feel misspent,

How do they help
ease the pain from the loss?

Do others cry too?

What should we do
about bullets and guns,
mental health funds,
youth who are lost,
what is the cost
to us all?

 They each had a name,
 life left to live,
people to love,
folks to forgive,

but how to forgive
the man with the gun
who likely was lost,
his life also tossed to the wind?

How to bring change
to a world full of strange, random deeds?

My tears are misspent,

I must be the change that I seek.

I met the artist, Kendra Baird, at the Columbus Arts Festival.  She and I talked about my blog and she gave me permission to take some photos.  When I started writing about the tragic shooting in Colorado, I immediately knew which painting I wanted to use.  Please visit her website.  She is a gifted artist.  


  1. Such a perfect poem for this sadness, encompassing everyone. So many are so lost. The umbrellas bring us together under the same sorrow, and, at the same time, the cleansing. J

  2. I had been saving this picture wondering when I would use it and what I would write about it. Sadly, it seemed to fit this poem well.