Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Poem: Awake Ye Mysteries

Artwork by Beau Tudzarov – photo taken at Columbus Arts Festival by Rita Bourland
Please check out his amazing website.  Here is a poem inspired by his art.

Awake Ye Mysteries

I may have judged too soon,
seeing the glass half empty
instead of brimming
 with hope,

wondering why
I feel depleted,
like a tank on empty,

needing an infusion
of perspective
replete with wonders
of illusion,

mind-bending tricks
to soothe the realities
asleep at my feet,

awake ye mysteries,

bring on the wonders,
the fun house mirrors,
show me magic,
fill my cup with nectar sweet,

let me see
beyond the glass half empty,
let me see
beyond the limits
set by me,

set me free
to see the gilded gifts
in front of me.

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