Monday, June 18, 2012

How Could Anyplace be so Lovely?

 Columbus Arts Festival – June 2012 – Photo by Rita Bourland

How Could Anyplace be so Lovely?

Seeing the painting of the Italian village dipping its toes into the sea transported me.   How could any place be so lovely, I thought? 

I envisioned myself strolling down the cobblestone lanes with a basket over my arm, stopping to talk to fishermen and carefully choosing from their catch for my evening meal.   I would purchase some freshly baked bread and a small pastry for dessert from the local bakery.  From a street vendor I would find ripe berries kissed by the sun and tomatoes plucked from the vines that very day.  The owner of a small shop would help me select wine and cheese, adding a flower from a vase and a cheerful ‘Ciao!’ as I walked out the door.  So sublime to be in a place of such beauty, where the sun sparkles through puffy white clouds and the day seems to go on forever.  

Shaking myself from my reverie, I backed up a few paces and then I saw it. 

Framing the artist’s booth was the skyline of my fair city.  Puffy white clouds floated by, the sun delivered rays of warmth and the river floated by just steps away.  The day offered surprises around every corner.  Food booths beckoned with international delicacies, one-of-a-kind ice cream (Jeni’s) and sugary festival food.  Musicians performed, poets read, mimes strolled and people smiled in languid enjoyment of the day.  How could anyplace be so lovely, I thought? 

And then I snapped the picture.  


  1. Yes!! It struck me the other day that I/we live in the Garden of Eden, even though we are hundreds of miles apart. It is beautiful with trees and flowers where we live. We always have enough to eat and drink. We're never too hot or too cold. People are kind and good in our neighborhoods (as they are in most). How, indeed, could any place be so lovely?? How could anyone be more blessed than we are?? Libby

  2. I agree with you 100%. We are very blessed indeed. This particular day was a beautiful reminder of that.