Thursday, June 14, 2012

If Only we had Known - Inspired by the art of A.E. London

‘Patriarch’ by A.E. London
Photographed by Rita Bourland at the Columbus Art’s Festival

This is the second in my series of posts based on art I photographed at the Columbus Art’s Festival.  When I passed the booth for A.E. London, I was stunned by the beauty of her work.  I found it haunting, direct, soulful and raw.  There was something in the lion’s eyes that simultaneously mesmerized me and made me want to cry.  Anne (A.E.) let me photograph one of her pieces and I chose this one entitled ‘Patriarch’.  Please visit her website where you will learn more about her techniques (this picture includes the use of coffee), her trips to Africa, her work for endangered species and her ongoing pursuit of artistic expression.  Her website is really gorgeous.   Below you will find my poem inspired by her art.

If Only We Had Known

Anger grows
As I contemplate the fate
Of creatures who roam
Far off lands,

Never dreaming their life
Might fall to a force
Mightier than their roar,

Man broaching their land,
Seeking power over beasts
Of the earth,

Not sensing that extinction
Of one species
Might be a harbinger
Of something larger,
 Might be a sign
Of something so severe
That all powers, all prayers,
Will fail to amend the loss,

If only we had known
The dominoes would fall,
We might have stacked them
Far from the animals
Whose souls
So mirror our own,

If only we had known.

Here's a video of A.E. London at work.


  1. I know I'm reacting to this heroic face, but, really, is there anything as majestic and heroic as a lion? Your poetry with the artist's depiction is unforgettable. Judy

  2. Thank you. It would be hard not to be inspired by this great work of art. Because the artist has such immersive experiences with the animals, it really comes through in her art. I found her video to be quite meditative. She really lets her experiences guide her hand. Thank you for commenting.