Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Taking a Step toward the Light

Stoney-Baynard Plantation Ruins - Hilton Head Island © Rita Bourland 2012

 Taking a Step toward the Light

Taking the leap
from here to there,
inside to out,

forsaking safety,

seeking a path
to somewhere,

seeking renewal,
a rehearsal
for what might be,

can’t see the forest for the trees,
oh please,
show me daylight,

must I cut through the undergrowth,
clearing a path
for myself
to prove my true worth,

how did this wall come to define
my space,
how did I give it permission
to limit me,

I can go where I please,
seeking new ways to be,
stepping through time,

I need to retrieve what I lost
in the darkness,
cut off by the wall,

taking the leap
from here to there,
inside to out,
taking a step toward the light.


  1. I'm catching up on the past month or so. Lovely writing. Today's picture and poem (what told me to check in tonight?) are especially good. I hope you are doing ok. Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm taking a leap or if I've been pushed. I realized recently, tho, that it would be more scary to stay in the same place and not leap. Maybe the wall is there to make us leap?

    We all have such different roles to play. The Boy in the Moon brings back a graduation I attended recently for a young man who is severely disabled but has touched many lives. His family is extraordinary. His mother is dying of cancer, so the graduation was moved up to make sure she could attend. She was SO happy! She'd been told her son would only live a few weeks and here he was graduating. She was triumphant! The head neurologist from Children's and a former US Senator were there among others. Former teachers came from other states to attend. This young man's affect on so many people, made me realize how little I understand many situations.

    Thank you for all your beautiful writing and pictures. I visit sporadically, but always when something tells me I should. And I am always rewarded. Libby

  2. Thank you,Libby. I love the story you shared about the young man who graduated. What a gift to be present for his special day. He clearly touched others in many tangible and intangible ways.

    I'm always happy when you find the time to stop by. It's appreciated.

  3. Pondering the limits we set on ourselves can be fruitful if it encourages us to re-define them. Often we don't even realize they are there. Even though the recognition of them makes our lives more unsettled, it also helps us grow.

    You express this eloquently.