Thursday, February 2, 2012

Photo Essay: A Bobcat Beckons

 A Bobcat Beckons

The bike path beckoned this week.  The weather was suddenly warmer and my spirits needed a jolt of fresh air to shake off the cobwebs of winter.  It has been very rainy in Central Ohio.  We’ve broken records – but who likes records when we’re discussing rain?   I should have known the Olentangy River would be high, but I was still surprised yesterday when I discovered portions of the path covered in water. Today the path was clear, but I was on the watch for something else. 

The Columbus Dispatch reported this morning that the body of a bobcat was found on the side of Route 315 (a major highway dividing the city to the east and west).   It had apparently been struck by a vehicle.  A motorist brought the animal to the local wildlife division.  It created quite a stir since the last sighting of a bobcat in Franklin County was well over 10 years ago.  It was also extremely unusual to find one in a major urban area. 

There was some conjecture in the article as to whether the bobcat might have been following the river through town.  The bike path follows the river so I thought I’d do some exploring and see what I could find.  I was pretty sure I wouldn’t find a bobcat and I didn’t (I suppose that's a good thing), but it was fun to think about the conditions that brought this rare creature to our city.   Plus, I needed an adventure.

Pedestrian and bike bridge over Rte. 315
and the Olentangy River.

A possible bobcat den? 

Silence under the towering trees.

 The swirling current full of winter's runoff

Branches reaching toward the path casting ominous shadows.

Might the bobcat have rested here, near the river's edge? 

Or here?

A laser beam of light leading me home.

No bobcats today.  I guess my kitty will have to do.

All photos except the bobcat were taken by Rita Bourland


  1. Loved the path of photos :) - There is a bobcat on our ridge but I haven't seen it yet - many people near us have seen it first hand - I'm happy to hear this. We have a grey fox that lives on our land - I have seen him & he is very big for a fox - this makes me happy. The ending to your bob cat adventure made me happy as well - your kitty is glad to be safe inside :)

  2. Loved the written and pictorial ride along the river. Too bad the bobcat isn't still roaming and enjoying the beauty of the area. Be careful of those river currents!