Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rise Above the Darkness

I have some unfortunate news to share.  There are people in the world who just aren’t very nice.  I know.  It’s surprising, isn’t it?  And here I thought if you tried to treat others the way you wished to be treated then everything would work out.  Sad to say, it’s just not true.  It doesn’t mean you should change the way you live.  No, if anything it means you should go forth with more vigor, living a life of goodness and truth, trying to do the right thing, admitting mistakes when necessary, righting wrongs when possible and living with integrity.  

As for the people who behave badly, we can do a couple of things.  First we can feel some empathy.  Their bad behavior may be a result of a dysfunctional family or a mental health issue.  But we also cannot discount the possibility that they choose to behave badly because it gives them the upper hand in their relationships.  This particular kind of person is possibly the most dangerous.  They can do enormous harm to those around them.  Because they have honed this personality trait to perfection, they often feel little remorse for their actions. They also do not feel the twinge of moral angst that alerts the rest of us when we are skewing out of line.  Beware of this kind of person.  They will use you, abuse you and discard you.  

Now for the important part.  Never let this kind of person take away your identity, your inner strength or make you believe you are not worthy.  No one should be allowed to do that.  You are a person of worth who is here on this earth to do good work and share your gifts.  Do not be impeded in your purpose.  Believe in yourself.  If necessary take a detour around the difficulties you face and find a path that leads you in a new direction.  

Stay true to yourself.  By sharing your gifts, you are brightening the world.  The best way to rise above darkness is to shine your own light.


  1. This could not have been said any more clearly -- a perfect and compassionate description of what it feels like to emerge from an encounter with someone exhibiting varying degrees of sociopathology. Remarkably clear writing, and even hopeful, though a recovery period is always needed after such an episode.

  2. Indeed, recovery is an important part of the equation. Expunge the negativity you have absorbed and move on. Thank you for your understanding comment.