Saturday, June 4, 2011

Poem: A Path in the Park

West Virginia - January 2007

 A Path in the Park

The beauty of a path 
is its sheer presence -
it can be traversed
in endless ways,
at any time of the day,
alone or with friends,
with a dog by your side,
or a child’s hand nestled in yours.

You can walk in the moonlight,
the sunlight,
or the early dawn,
you can bike, trike,
rollerblade, skateboard,
run, walk, stroll, amble,
shuffle, skip or hop
from start to finish.

 You are free on a path
to think, to muse, to ponder,
to consider what is possible,
what is powerful, what is pure,
what is good and true
in this world
we all call home.

May your walk bring you
a brief respite from your busy day,
and may you find renewed energy
to continue the good work
you do in the world.

A path can take you
to that place.

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