Monday, June 13, 2011

Remembering "Maggie May"

Remembering "Maggie May"

In 1971, I was 18 years old and beginning my freshman year at Indiana University.  “Maggie May”, written and sung by Rod Stewart, was released that same year.  Stewart had written the song about a real life relationship he had been in with an older woman.  All I knew is that the song touched me at some very basic level and spoke to my feelings.    I was leaving home for the very first time and was dealing with confusion, insecurities, excitement, trepidation and the hopefulness that is unique to a certain stage in one’s life.  I was happy and sad and longing for some unnameable thing – maybe it was love, or maybe just the idea of love.

Now forty years later, the song still gets to me.  All I need are the first few notes and I’m right back in my dormitory at Indiana or walking the quad with my friends.  I’m listening to good music and living in the moment. 

I wouldn’t want to be 18 again, but I sure like dropping in for a visit.  Thanks to Rod Stewart I can do that anytime I hear this song.

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