Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Isn't it Curious?

Curiosity may kill a cat, but for humans it is potentially our most important trait.  Our curiosity leads us to study the smallest organisms and the largest solar systems.  It drives our attempts to discover the origins of life and discern the complexities of the human brain.  Because of our curiosity, we ask important questions, look for answers and change the world with our findings. 

What makes us human, gives us purpose, drives our pursuits, our motivations, our spirituality, and our hopefulness?  If we find the answers, we may be onto something big and wouldn't that be great?

Once we lose our curiosity, we have lost the essence of who we are.  If we continue asking questions, we will be healthier and happier.  And who knows, the pursuit of the answers may just be the answer we are seeking.

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