Friday, May 27, 2011

Poem: Tuesday's Child is Full of Grace

Fiona and Colin

Tuesday's Child is Full of Grace

 The day a child is born,
the world aligns most perfectly;
clouds form whimsical shapes,
flowers lean toward the sun,
traffic flows in harmony,
music emanates from
your mind,
your heart,
or maybe
it’s you singing
the praises of one wee child
born on a
Tuesday full of grace
into a world where all things
are possible.

 Monica Cubberly-Early Custom Designed Portraiture
Columbus, OH  614-679-0902


  1. Incredible photos. And one of my favorite poems of all times. xoxo Judy

  2. Thank you. Yes, the photographer captured the inner and outer beauty of Fiona and Colin - two precious children.