Saturday, May 21, 2011

Poem: Lift Your Eyes

Amelita Mirolo Barn Framework - Photo - Rita Bourland - Sept. 2010

Lift Your Eyes

Lift your eyes,

To sparkling skies,
Clouds that drift,
Billowing past
On whispering winds,

Lift your eyes,

To birds in flight
Soaring high,
Making nests,
Finding food,
Singing songs,

Lift your eyes,

To dark of night,
See the stars
Shine so bright,
See the moon
Hanging low,

 Lift your eyes,

To sights unseen
 Songs unsung,
Dreams to come,
A day well done,

Lift your eyes,

Through rafters high,
Past towering trees,
Beyond the stars,
There’s much to see,

Just lift your eyes.

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