Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stilted Thoughts - Poem

Me (on left) and my sister with our Uncle Tom - 1960

Stilted Thoughts

Stilts make you tall,
Make you feel
Like some giant monster
Stomping across the
Trembling surface
Beneath you,

Pounding steps,
Stilted steps,
Lift left,
Lift right,
Repeat, repeat,
Don’t lose the beat,
You’ll end up back
On your own two feet,

Hot summers,
Bored days,
We went ‘round the block
On stilts,

We fell,
We started over,

It passed a lot of time,

There’s a lot of falling
And getting back up in life,
Stilted starts,
stumbling falls,

Lift left,
Lift right,
Keep moving,

That’s the key,

I learned it long ago
On those hot summer days,

A faded photograph
Brought it back into focus today.

My Uncle Tom (in photo) made the stilts for us.  One set was a little shorter for the younger kids.  They provided endless hours of entertainment.  No need for a gym membership when you had a pair of those in the garage.


  1. This puts the wise advice of "take one step at a time" to a "higher" degree! Amazing to be reminded that you were able to negotiate this balance and height at such a very young age. And to go around the entire block! A fun and thoughtful posting. xoxoxo Judy

  2. Thanks, Judy. I have very fond memories of walking on those stilts. Terry and I would challenge each other to see if we could walk all the way around the block which included the side on Hwy 41 - too funny what we did to pass the time. xoxo