Monday, January 17, 2011

Poem - I Don't Suppose You Noticed

Rita and Mike - Sleeping Bear Dunes - Michigan
I Don't Suppose You Noticed

I don’t suppose you noticed
The day I caught your smile,
I’ve kept in my pocket
For such a long, long while,

I pull it out most every day,
It makes me feel just fine,
The energy flows fast and free
Like vintage, precious wine,

My heart fills up with fulsome joy,
A gift you shared with me,
For in your smile, I found the truth
And it has set me free.


  1. catching up on blogs today & they're all making me cry!! (happy cry :) --love this and all your recent posts Rita -- love you xxxooo

  2. Happy tears are the best. Thanks for taking the time to do some reading today. Your comments always mean a lot to me. xoxo

  3. Mike's smile is one that you never forget; so caring and friendly. A beautiful couple! Love, Judy

  4. Today is my day to catch up. All wonderful. I like your smile a lot too.