Saturday, January 15, 2011

Poem - So Much to Learn from Birds in Flight

My oldest son has a friend who’s from southern Ohio.  On a recent wintry day, he and his dad were out in a field when this story unfolded.  I found it to be profoundly beautiful. 

So Much to Learn from Birds in Flight

The geese flew
In a perfect
In turns
They led and followed,

Then just like that
They turned as one
Into the
stiff north wind,

They hovered there
In brisk mid-air
The vee in perfect view,
This strange bird dance
So sweet so pure,
A tantalizing balance,

What caused
The geese to pause in flight,
Why take a break mid-air?

Then looking back
It all made sense,
Such lovely
Perfect sense,

A single goose
In rapid flight
Honked out his lonely plight,
Please wait,
I wish to join your team,
To fly as one tonight,

As he approached,
They turned as one,
Lone gray hooked on the end,
The group intact,
They turned due east,
To travel forth again,

So much to learn
From birds in flight,
Look out for all your kin,
Stop flight and wait
For those in need,
And then set off again,

Just wait
Then start


  1. Such a kind image when applied to humans. Our nonhuman relatives show us so much. Lovely images here.
    xoxo Judy

  2. Thank you Judy and Libby. I'm so glad you can see it. Their unspoken language is as beautiful and articulate as ours.