Thursday, August 5, 2010

Poem: Great Blue Heron

 I took this photo on May 15, 2010

 The park behind our house has recently been redone and now has a beautiful pond that is stocked with fish.  Neighbors are invited to do catch and release fishing and a Great Blue Heron has discovered the supply as well.  He, however, does not release!

Great Blue Heron

A wing span of six feet,
a graceful neck
curved at rest,
ready to reach and strike when hungry,
strolling around the pond,
waiting to snatch a fish
and sup on the fine
supply provided by the park department.

Oh, what riches,  thinks the heron.
A perfect little pond
all to myself
stocked with delectable fish,
a flowing fountain,
and tall grasses -
I think I’ll stop often to dine.

Morning, afternoon, evening -
watch for me;
I may swoop down at any moment,
but don’t get too close or I’ll soar away
just as quick as can be
with my giant wings carrying me
to another pond,
another verdant setting,
another cache of fish,
to fill me up ‘til the morrow.


  1. Great insights into the life of the heron who has graced your skies. You show a great respect, with humor, for this beautiful bird. Enjoy those fish, Mr. Heron!
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox to bird and birder

  2. Nice Rita - Love the picture too! :)

  3. Thank you both. He is truly magnificent. It's incredible to have this fabulous bird so close to our home.

  4. Did you know Dad loved Great Blue Herons? They were very rare near us for a while but made a huge comeback.

  5. Shannon, thank you for sharing this about your dad. I will think of him now when I see our heron. He was a great lover of nature and the bountiful blessings here on earth.