Sunday, August 22, 2010

Poem: Will You Catch Me If I Fall?

Will You Catch Me If I Fall?

There is a trust game I played at a camp when I was a kid where you stand in front of another person and let yourself fall backwards, trusting that the person behind you will catch you.  You are supposed to fall in such a way that you are unable to catch yourself; you are putting full trust in the person behind you to keep you out of harm’s way.  I can still remember that feeling of letting go and the relief of being caught.  It was recently proposed to me that it is still a good exercise to imagine falling backwards into the arms of someone I trust.  This might vary from person to person.  It could be God, another religious deity, a spouse, a relative or a dear friend.  The whole point seems to be ceding some of the control we all cling to so tightly.

Will you catch me if I fall?

I need to know you’re there,
I can’t seem to keep my balance
these days,
I thought I had it
all together,
I thought I had
then I started falling.

Are you there?

Will you keep me from the worst;
from hitting the ground
so hard that I can’t bounce back,
can’t regain my balance?

Things get tough sometimes -
life’s funny that way,
but if I know you’re there
then I can let go,
fall back into the safety of your arms
and all will be well.

Will you catch me if I fall?


  1. Perhaps my ultimate goal is not to know if someone or some thing will catch me. Perhaps that's when it becomes metaphysical? I haven't achieved that, but your blog helps me think about it. Always great thinking here and pushing of our limited boundaries. Gratefully, Judy

  2. Maybe you're right. The ultimate goal should be to not worry one way or the other. Live with more abandon and less worry about a safety net. I always appreciate your wonderful and insightful comments.

  3. If there is deep trust in those that support you then you shouldn't worry about falling. How about I send a hug & I'll hang on so you don't even begin to fall? :) xxxooo

  4. Rita - I think you will really like this -- it is one of my favorite Townes Van Zandt songs:

    Your post brought to mind this song- xxoo

  5. Great song, Marti. And thanks for the offer to send a round of hugs. Love, Judy

  6. Marti, I just listened to the song and it really touched me. If you needed me, I would swim the sea. What a beautiful and comforting thought. Thank you so much for sharing this.