Monday, June 28, 2010

Poem: In the Quiet of a Summer Afternoon

In the Quiet of a Summer Afternoon

In the quiet of a summer afternoon,
you can hear the birds chirping 
their greetings to each other,
you can hear the distant sound of cars 
zooming about the city,
occasionally you can hear 
a far off train blowing its whistle,
you can hear clocks ticking,
computers humming,
branches brushing against the house,
squirrels running on the roof,
the teapot boiling on the stove,
the cat purring on a nearby chair,
the washer rinsing and spinning,
your heart beating -
all of this in the
of a summer afternoon.


  1. Hmmm....nice one. The images are peaceful yet full of human activity. Seems deeply perceptive and appreciative. The photo is a good choice. I like the birds lined up, different types, yet close together. Love, J

  2. love this - you put me there - right there with you - wish I was. . . xxxoo

  3. And soon the crickets and cicadas will start. Sounds are so evocative, yet we often don't take time to listen to them. Thanks for helping us take the time!