Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Poem: For Now I Slumber

For Now I Slumber

In the stillness,
There is peace –
Floating, ethereal, pure.

The quiet night
Allows a calming
Tranquil rest.

All questions, concerns,
Worries and woes
Go to bed.

They lie fractured around the pillow.
How do they come together in the morrow?
Must they rustle from their slumber?

For now, the quiet is real,
For now, the peace is divine,
For now, I know the answer lies in the great unknown.

But it can wait,

For now I slumber.


  1. Anyone with stress should see this blog -- I feel more relaxed after one reading. I may print to have it next to my bed.
    ZZZZZzzzzzzzz . . . . Love, Judy

  2. Rita: Great poem. This is how I've managed to sleep pretty well the past 2 1/2 years. I get tired and just decide I'm taking a break and its God's job for a while and I'm not going to worry about anything until the next day.

    I'm exhausted tonight. Drank tea yesterday afternoon, which I rarely do. I drank a lot. It felt great, but I COULD NOT get to sleep last night. Even trying to put away everything mentally for another day didn't help.

    Tonight, no tea and your lovely poem to remind me how to approach going to bed. Sweet dreams!

  3. Thank you, Libby and Judy. Sleep has been a bit elusive for me lately so this poem was a way to work through some of the feelings associated with that. Love you both!