Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Poem: Someone Needs to Know

 Someone Needs to Know

A trusted mentor
Takes a hand,
Says come with me
My dear, young friend,
Let’s take a walk,
Share secrets,
You and me,

No one needs to know,

Time goes by,
More secrets told,
Lies take hold,
The trap is set,
The young boy snared
By ill intent,
His mentor in control,

No one needs to know,

Damage done to
Yet secrets told
Cannot unfold
To those they swore
Should never know,
The shame’s so very cold,

Yet someone needs to know,

Be still young boy,
You’ve done no wrong,
Your mentor
Now must stand alone,
He’ll pay the price forevermore
For what he’s done
To you,
Who only
Wished to find a trusted friend.

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