Monday, November 7, 2011

Poem: Out of the Blue

photo by Rita Bourland © 2011

Out of the Blue

A blue ribbon day delivered to you,
A pumpkin in blue – can it be true?
As true as the grass moistened with dew,
Or roses and rainbows
To name just a few,

Once in a blue moon comes something so true,
Appearing to you in visions of blue,
Vibrantly hued; serenely imbued,
Touching your soul; calming your mood,

Out of the blue you feel something new,
Maybe a different version of you,
No sadness or heartache; nothing to rue,
Just clear skies above - shimmering blue,

It’s a gift on this day; a gift just for you,
If a pumpkin is blue
Then what other things might be true?


  1. Perhaps that's why many of us were attracted to the blue pumpkin. . . it opens thoughts to other possibilities. For me, it "touched my soul, calmed my mood."

  2. I'm so glad, Judy. As someone said, it evokes images of glass slippers and other fairy tales. Magical things. xoxo