Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Poem: Remembrance

Vermont 2009 ©  Rita Bourland


I sat at the river’s edge

 Watching water cascade

Over rocks

And remembered you,

The ebb and flow of you,

Sometimes rippling

Around obstacles

With unfettered abandon,

Sometimes caught in an eddy,

Or snagged by


 Roots and twigs,

Pushing free

With uncommon strength

Like a giant oak

Flexing its branches,

Spreading a canopy over

Dangerous waters,

Protecting others

From sudden rapids,

I sat at the river’s edge

And remembered you,

The beautiful, profound

Ebb and flow of you,

And knew you

 Lived in a place like this,

Where the reflection

Of truth could be captured

In the movement of water.


  1. idyllic. . . beautiful. It has a flow like water.


  2. Thanks, Judy. I had Kennan in mind when I wrote this.

  3. Thank you, Rita. I thought you had Kennan in mind. Of course, he's who always comes to mind for me. I love the poem. Must tell you, I do not look at your blog all that often. It suddenly came to me that I should read it. Where did that thought come from? Libby

  4. Libby, I know we both believe in those guiding instincts we have. I'm glad you liked the poem.

  5. Catching up with you today! Love this - knew it must be for Kennan :) xxoo

  6. Thanks, Marti. I'm glad you stopped by and that you enjoyed the poem. xoxo