Monday, September 12, 2011

Poem: LIfe is Like Biking

Mike - Bike trip in Alaska 1971 - Stationed at Elmendorf Air Force Base
Poem written for my husband's 60th birthday - 2011

Life is Like Biking

Looking at maps, setting a course,
checking the tent and rain flaps, of course,
airing the tires, testing the brakes,
greasing the chain, checking for shakes,
life is like biking in so many ways,
you plan and you plan for so many days,
then one day you know without any doubt
things will work out on your well-chosen route,
surprises will come like leaks in a tent,
a spoke might get bent, your frame gets a dent,
but no need to worry about this and that,
you can’t stop the rain; that’s a known fact,
yet life can be grand on days just like this,
when riding a bike is nothing but bliss. 
I promise to go the distance with you;
the route has always been better with two.


  1. Such a beautiful gift (as well as a great poem)! xo

  2. I really love this poem! So well done.

  3. It was a fun poem to write, although difficult in some ways - probably because of it being a birthday gift and me wanting it to be just right. We have so many great memories associated with bicycling. Thank you both for your kind comments.