Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Poem: All in Good Time

All in Good Time

Her wrinkles furrowed deeply
into her ancient brow,
proudly she walked with measured steps
toward the grocery doors,

the cart
was her walker
she had confidence,
standing tall,
looking carefully left to right,
using a measured eye
 to assess
the ripeness of fruit,
the age of meat,
the price of beans,

taking time,
she studied magazines,
unsettled by images
of now,
when she only remembered then,

wondering how
now came to be,

she missed the days
of yesteryear,

unloading her cart,
writing a check,
signing her name in perfect script,
the line stood behind,
tapping feet,
clearing throats,
waiting their turn,
silently cursing the lady in front,

she took her time,
realizing time was all she had,

they too would learn to appreciate time,

all in good time
she thought,
all in good time.


  1. so much to be learned from those who have nothing but time and are not rushed to push through it

    beautiful portrait xo

  2. Thank you. There are so many elderly people who use the grocery as a form of social interaction. A few extra words with the cashier may be the only real conversation they have for the day. It only takes a little extra time.