Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Poem: We Are Different yet the Same

We Are Different yet the Same
 We are different yet the same, 

You believe in one thing,
I believe in another, 

You like to sing,
I like silence,
You’re fond of coffee,
I prefer tea,

You like Fox,
Or I don’t know
Which one tells the truth,
Which one knows the truth,

Do they care about what’s real,
Or only what sells?

Does anyone care about us,
About real people
With real problems?

I want to turn the dial
And find the truth,

I want to find politicians
Who’ll put aside ego and greed,
Looking for something more,
Something sound,
Something lasting,

Where are the people who’ll lead?

Maybe it is you,
Maybe it is me,
Maybe it is yet to be,

As you slumber at night,
The truth may emerge from your dreams
And tomorrow you’ll know the answer,

Do not be deterred by what you see,
What you read,
What others say,

Hang onto your dreams,
I'll hang onto mine,
Together we might find a way,

We are different yet the same
In so many ways.


  1. Expansive thinking that will remedy all problems. I like the way this starts out by simply stating facts, then switches to hope, then encouragement. The last stanza recaps only it is suddenly so meaningful. Judy