Thursday, April 14, 2011

Poem: Mysterious Really

 Mysterious Really

I watched a crow fly
to the top boughs
Of a towering pine
Carrying a large stick
For placement in its nest,
Preparing for precious eggs
And beloved baby crows,

I’ve seen geese in pairs
Around town,
Staking out spots for nesting,
Glaring at passersby
Who might disturb their chosen sites
For raising their young -
Much like we might do,

Life arises
In unlikely places
In spring,
Bursting from beneath the soil,
Flowers bloom,
Frozen earth gives way to
Crocuses, daffodils,
Forsythias blossom into
glorious shades of yellow
Mirroring the sun’s bright rays,

Mysterious really
This time called spring,
How life arises from the smallest of things,
A seed, an egg, an acorn,
A grain, a bulb,

Life arises,
Spring arises,
We are renewed
And reminded
Of all that is good
And precious,

Will you awaken too
and feel renewed?

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