Saturday, April 30, 2011

Poem: Dandy Lion

Illustration by Philip Bourland © 2011

A Dandy Lion

I do not like a dandelion,
my mother says to me,
it grows and grows from dawn to dusk,
it’s just too much to see.

A dandy lion, I say, that’s great,
 he’ll be my new best friend;
he’ll wear a shiny purple coat,
and start a fashion trend.

My mother shakes her head at me,
no lion lives out back,
it’s just an ugly yellow weed,
that grows from every crack.

But I believe in what I know,
and what I know is true,
I’ll build a dandy lion shack;

he’ll live out back,
and that’s a fact.


  1. A reminder to me to go pick some young dandy-lions and also to make a tea from their roots. Such a great spring tonic. Wonderful attention given to the honorable dandy-ion in this poem. xoxo Judy

  2. I have never had dandelion tea. Something to put on my list to try someday. We have many in the yard to choose from! It seemed a fitting time to post this particular poem.

  3. Ha Ha! Love this! I have made sauteed dandelion flowers & they are delicious! You can add to a salad or by themselves :) ---love Philips illustration too :)

  4. I need to try dandelions sometime. I'm clearly missing out on a great treat. Thanks Marti!