Sunday, April 10, 2011

Poem: My Oak Tree

Service Berry Tree - Ohio - 1990

My Oak Tree

My oak tree has taken me far and away,
I’ve climbed to the top; I’ve stayed there all day.

On Monday I sat on the highest wide branch,
 I rode my fast bronco and checked on my ranch.

On Tuesday I sat in the crow’s nest and cried,
“Ahoy all ye mateys, let’s show off our pride.”

On Wednesday I snaked among the thick leaves;
the Amazon jungle was teeming with thieves.

Thursday brought rain and the winds of high seas;
I lowered the sails and clung by my knees.

On Friday I searched for mines full of gold;
my eyes sought bright treasures to polish and hold.

On Saturday birds were flush in the trees;
I explored the horizon for tropical bees.

Sunday brought rest; I read in a nook,
of pirates and sailors who leapt from my book.


  1. You've captured -- or should I say retained -- the beautiful imagination and freedom of children.
    Love, Judy

  2. There's nothing cuter than kids in a tree. Brings back happy memories of climbing our backyard tree with Terry. We spent a lot of time up there discussing life! Thanks, Judy.