Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Poem: Velvet Curtains

 Velvet Curtains

Too much exposure,
turn down the lights,
leave something
to the imagination,

Some vague allure,
a hint of smoke
and mirrors
to dim the harsh
glaring realities,

I need mystery;
velvet curtains
hiding dark images,

let the stage
reveal a tale of wonder,
where humanity

acting with grand strokes
of imperious grace,
remaining above the fray,

where what we imagine 
becomes real,
where reality
quietly slips away
in a boat
swiftly carried toward
the horizon,

beyond thought,
beyond worry,

turn down the lights,
turn up the mystery.


  1. This sounds so simple but it is a very strong statement that I line up to second. In fact, this expresses so well something that I've been trying to say recently regarding a certain book that everyone loves (and I don't, because there is nothing subtle or hidden in it). Maybe I'll carry this around as my stock answer when words fail me, as they often do. Thankfully, I know someone who is never at a loss for perfect words. xoxoxo Judy

  2. I've been feeling this very strongly lately with all the reality TV and crassness around every turn. A little mystery goes a long way. Thanks for your kind words. xoxox

  3. Life is a mystery for sure. Anyone who thinks not, isn't paying attention. This made me also think of "All the worlds a stage and all the people in it merely players." Or something close to that. Not sure I have all the words exactly right, but I love the metaphor. It seems more apt the older I get.

  4. Libby your observations are very apt. It takes real work to be our true selves without too much acting and to take the high road whenever possible leaving the ugly drama to others.