Friday, February 25, 2011

Poem: Take Off Your Armor

Rita - 1953 - with older sisters

Take Off Your Armor 
 We are born vulnerable,
reliant on others to hold us
feed us,
hug us,
love us,
helpless in every way,
needing others
for our very survival,

 we learn to walk,
read, write,
cry, sigh,
ask why,
discern truth,
get hurt,
always moving, moving

at last,

but wait,

not so fast,

remain vulnerable,
no need to go it alone,
it is after all
the heart of who we are,

 when did it become a weakness
 to need others,
to express longings?

numbing our emotions,
we trudge forward
with our armor on,
our shield up,
we deflect intruding
going it alone,

I say
give it up,
put down the shield,
take off your armor,
embrace your vulnerability,
expose your heart,
accept the truth of
your humanity,

It's there in each of us
waiting to be set free,

at last,

put down your shield,
take off your armor,
I promise you'll be okay.


  1. Those are the sweetest little girls and baby I've ever seen! I love this poem. As with your other poems on somewhat similar themes, it really resonates and will stay with me as a constant reminder. Love, Judy

  2. Thank you, Judy. Some themes keep coming back around. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem and the photo. xoxo