Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Poem: A Stack of Words

Rita Bourland © 2011- Stack of  Poetry

A Stack of Words

I stack my words
in poet’s form
the structure
ebbs and flows
the words connect
from high to low
and back and forth
they go

count them up
or count them down
 still just words
in space
an online verse
a conga dance
a poet’s
 tour de force
of course

but print the words
on paper fine
one poem atop another
a year of poems
a year of verse
a year of winsome wonder

a stack of words
it does become
a mighty stack of words
it gives me pause to view
this feat
my words
my strength
my hunger

for writing this
and writing that
and sometimes
saying nothing

but sometimes when
the magic strikes
I say something to ponder
it might just clap like thunder

on days like that
I’m glad I write
my lovely
stack of words

 so join me for a time
listen to a rhyme
share a year of words
a mighty stack of words

I ask
I hope
I pray
I plead
I never
lack for words.


  1. So clever are your words
    They gather like a herd
    Your words say many things
    Joy & knowledge, they do bring
    So please keep writing & don't get bored
    For your words are mightier than the sword

  2. Quite a year - plus. Even without the marvelous words -- which are the very finest -- this blog has provided readers with inspiration to keep moving toward their personal goal. . .and to put creativity into reality, no matter what the form. Love, Judy

  3. I like that Judy....put creativity into reality. It has been quite a year - one of great personal growth. xoxo

  4. I think you will never be at a lack for words. You have a gift and its so wonderful to see you sharing it with so many people.

  5. Marti, I love the idea of my words being mightier than a sword - something to aspire to!

  6. Libby, thank you for your kind vote of confidence. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. Sharing words has turned into a passion that I enjoy very much.