Sunday, October 31, 2010

Poem - Something in the Air

Vermont 2009 © Rita Bourland
 Something in the Air

November has arrived,
The time will change,
Frost might even appear,

Brrr, I’m cold,
Just thinking
About the cold,
About catching a cold,

But it’s not so bad,
The cold,

Snuggle in a downy wrap,
Settle in, read a book,
Drink some cocoa,
Make some stew,
Or cider brew,

But don’t stop walking
On the cold, cold days,
Go outside, feel the air
Bite at your cheeks,
Feel the air
Blow through your hair,

Feel the air,

It might just
Open your mind to the
That winter comes for a reason,

To nurture your mind,
Replenish your body,
With the stuff of thought,
The stuff of soul,
The stuff we push aside
At other busy times
Of the year,

Brrr, I’m cold,

But not too cold
To feel the promise
Of something more
In the air
Than cold.


  1. Now that's the glass 3/4 full for sure! Inspiring to me since I saw about 30 minutes of snow falling today. . .I like the promise in the air reminder. xoxoxo Judy

  2. Optimism - a wonderful feeling right now. I've missed it. xoxox Rita

  3. Thanks for this today Rita --- I try so hard to come to terms with winter coming. I don't like being cold - at all! - but your poem warmed me up! :)

  4. Thanks, Marti. I'm trying to take on a new attitude about winter. It's coming whether we like it or not! Take care.

  5. Another very good poem that says a lot. Thank you!

  6. Your welcome, Libby. I'm glad it had meaning for you. xoxo