Thursday, October 7, 2010

Poem: Pen Pals

If you write me a letter,
I’ll write you one too,
I’ll tell you my secrets;
I have one or two,

Just pick up a pen -
A pencil will do,
Jot a few lines,
Then I’ll write a few,

I’ll ask you a question,
You’ll answer me back,
We’ll go back and forth,
We’ll soon get the knack,

I know we’ll have fun,
I hope you agree,
The best of pen pals
Soon we will be,
 Just you and me,

Writing's the key.


  1. This brought back great memories of finding international penpals in grammar school. How exciting that was. I can't imagine that social networking could begin to match the level of excitement felt when a letter arrived. I suppose that email counts too. However, it's so immediate that the thrill doesn't seem to be as long-lasting, as I remember it being. xoxoxoxo Judy

  2. Anticipation is half the fun of most things in life. With the immediacy of e-mails, anticipation has been taken out of the equation.

  3. This is so sweet & so important! I still love to write letters - but I wish I wrote more. Getting a letter is still so exciting to me. Your poem made me smile tonight! xxxooo marti

  4. Thanks, Marti. I love to get letters as well and do love to write them. It's a different method of communication than what we are used to now, but somehow carries more weight when received. XOXO Rita