Saturday, October 9, 2010

Poem: Listen, Listen Well

I joined our church choir recently and have rediscovered the joy of singing beautiful music in four part harmony.  We are blessed with a great director who is kind, efficient, funny and deeply spiritual.  He effuses with enthusiasm for great hymns sung with feeling.

The hymn, Let All Things Now Living has deep meaning for our extended family.  We sing it each Thanksgiving before dinner.  Even though we are from many different faiths, it is a reminder of our shared humanity.  I found a YouTube recording and slide show that is quite poignant.  If you would like to hear it, click on the song link.

I have been thinking about music quite a bit lately.  It is a powerful force for healing, joy and sharing. 

Listen, Listen Well

has the power
to pour over us,
 through us
and into the very core of our being,

it sometimes makes us weep –

is it the vibration, words,
waves of sound,
or is it 
that music is what
we heard first
while safely cradled
in our mother's womb?

the beating of her heart,
her voice humming a tune,
a symphony of notes
filtering down to our tiny ears,

we were yet to utter our first words,
but were already aware of music,

touching nerves,
touching our soul,
reminding us of who we are,
who we were,
and who we might yet be,

listen, listen well,
let the harmonies reverberate
and replenish your tired body,
your weary mind,
your tender heart,

be lifted on the waves,
and caressed
by the embrace of
joyous and loving

I wish you peace,
I wish you love,
I wish you

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