Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Repotting for Growth

 I have a couple of large peace lilies that have outgrown their containers.  As a result, I need to water them frequently to avoid finding them in limp dismay.  I just measured the pots they are in and will head out to the garden store later to find a larger, roomier container for them.  

In the midst of this process, I began thinking about human beings needing an occasional repotting.  If we stay in the same container for too long, our roots get all bound up and set into place with no room for expansion.  The constraints keep us from looking beyond our current situation and beyond the walls of our own spaces to see what else might be possible.  Once we free ourselves and allow a little room to breathe and think, our roots will stretch and reach for new sources of sustenance and growth.  This expansion will feed us in ways that may be uncertain but will challenge our roots to reconfigure and grow in a new dynamic way.

Let's consider shaking off the dirt that surrounds our roots and reach for a roomier version of our lives.  A little sun, a little photosynthesis and we will be growing to new heights in no time.  It's spring and time to repot!


  1. Thanks, Libby. I had a lot of fun with this one. My plants are now happily repotted.

  2. I think I try to water and feed extra to avoid repotting. Which probably fits nicely into the metaphor, but I'm too tired to think how. :-)

  3. Katelyn's Peace Lily has desperately needed to be repotted. I too keep watering it when it wilts. Your post reminded me to get to it & also made me realize that by doing it will help with the continuing grieve that gets a little better as time passes. I also intend to give my kids starts if they so choose. Thanks Rita!

  4. Marti, you'll be glad you take the time to do it. The two I repotted were from Hazel's funeral, so I wanted to take extra good care of them. They are both much happier in their new containers - much less watering required as well!