Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Poem: Did You Have to Steal His Bike?

 Did you have to steal his bike?

He rode it everywhere,
it took him places
he needed to go,
he wanted to go,
he longed to go.

But mostly it took him away
to another place
where adventure could be,
most assuredly would be.

his bike was his friend,
his loyal companion,
his faithful servant,
his trusted ally.

Across the country,
across the city,
across the street,
it was always there,
when he needed it.

Did you have to steal his bike?


  1. Great way to express the frustration -- so sorry this happened! Maybe it will be like a horse and make it's way back to his owner --- let's hope! xxxooo

  2. Some possessions do take on greater importance in our lives. We move on but with some regret. He will get over it, but boy they had some journeys together.

  3. You really do get attached to some things. Especially a bike. I'm hoping maybe it will find its way home eventually, too.