Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Poem: A Carpet of Pink Blossoms

Photo by Rita Bourland © May 2013

A Carpet of Pink Blossoms

A carpet of pink blossoms
Lies on the ground
Like the softest snow of winter,
Covering impurities with a blanket
Of downy comfort,

Vibrant hues catch the eye
Drawing thoughts from worldly woes
To those of tender wonder,
A sight that lasts for just one day
Before the gusts carry it away,
Casting blossoms here and there
On a magic carpet ride
To another place and time,

I stop and sigh
Wondering at beauty such as this,
And other things I miss
When hurrying on my way each day,

If a child I could be again,
I’d make an angel
In the fallen blooms,
And others who pass
Would know
The reason why
And smile.


  1. Beautiful photo and a great reminder to stop and look at life's marvels.

  2. A golden moment; a fleeting moment, but one not easily forgotten.

  3. Thanks, Maureen and Michelle. It was a truly remarkable moment. Such beauty in the pink petals. A springtime gift.