Saturday, May 18, 2013

Poem: Bathed in the Light

Bathed in Light

No longer boxed in
By lids and walls,
A switch is flipped,

Bathed in light,
Washed in thoughts
All brand new,
I travel on banners of color
Where whispers from trees
Bent low to the ground
Utter barely a sound
Yet speak of such wondrous things,

Like a stream
Ideas flow
Through a valley

Bathed in light
I laugh in delight
At the wonders in store
For my mind just set free
From a box
Where no magic exists.


  1. Perfect art to accompany this most inspiring poem.


  2. I was fortunate to find this great picture on google images. I wish I knew who the artist was so I could give him/her proper credit.
    It's a continual struggle to not get boxed in by our habitual notions. I have to constantly remind myself to look beyond. I'm glad you liked it.

  3. Liberation in poetry and image....

  4. Michelle, liberation is important and worth striving for. We often are boxed in by our thought. Thanks for stopping by. :-)