Saturday, April 20, 2013

Poem - Wonder Girl

 Wonder Girl

The questions flow with earnest ease
from a girl who just turned five,

she wonders why she’s on the ground,
when birds can fly so high,
she wonders where the rainbow ends,
and why she loves fresh pie,
she wonders how the flowers grow
when summer days draw ‘nigh,
she wonders what she ought to do
when a good friend starts to cry,
she wonders why some folks are bad
and why they sometimes lie,

she thinks we ought to live in peace,
she says we ought to try.

Photo of a great-niece - 2013


  1. Such a wonderful little girl. How beautifully she's expressing life's very important questions. A family would be incredibly blessed to have her as a member! Judy

  2. A musing from your muse..and you handled it with ease!Love it!

  3. She is turning out to be quite a muse. First as a whistling wizard and now as a 'wonder' girl. I have much more in store for wonder girl. Stories are ruminating in my head. Thank you both for commenting and always sharing stories with me from the younger generation. They are a treasure for sure.

  4. The words and wonders of this amazing young lady should be the laws of our nations and the courses of study in our schools. Thank you for sharing her wisdom and her sacred focus.

  5. Thank you, Michelle. There is so much we could learn from the young - simple truths that could change the world.