Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Poem: All Things Are Revealed In Time

Live Oak with Spanish Moss - Savannah © Rita Bourland 2013
All Things Are Revealed in Time

All things are revealed in time,

hints are strewn along
the path we walk,

a polished stone
washed pure in a rippling stream,

a graceful branch
providing shade,

a child’s eyes
upturned in awe-filled wonder
at the moon and stars,
an owl in flight,
the dark of night,

it’s there in spring delights
as all things rise anew,

if we touch the soil,
kiss the rose,
breathe the air,
embrace the good
along the path,
we will find the hints
that almost shout
the glory of God’s name.

so trust and know,

all things are revealed
in time.


  1. A lovely, heartfelt contemplation of what is truly important in life. The photo accompanying the poem feels like a glimpse of forever as you lead our eyes to the seemingly infinite background.

  2. I'm easily drawn into the beckoning possibilities of this photo, and the poem's promise in the last line. A calming image and mantra.

  3. Thank you, Michelle and Judy. It was a gift to find this beautiful arbor of trees and then create words to go with it.