Saturday, May 12, 2012

Poem: There was a Young Mother who Lived in a Shoe

There was a Young Mother who Lived in a Shoe

There was a young mother who lived in a shoe,
She had so many children she didn’t know what to do,

They hung from the rafters; they swung from the trees,
They jumped on their beds; they skinned up their knees,

They slid down the stairs; they played hide and seek,
They caught lots of critters while down at the creek,

They pulled the dogs tail and chased after bees,
She asked them to stop; she even said please,

She cried and she ranted; she prayed and she pleaded,
She told them their silence was all that she needed,

They found a few marbles; they mixed them with soup,
Then tried to get kitty to gobble the goop,

They locked all the doors and tossed away keys,
They found lots of rope and made a trapeze,

But just when poor mother was ready to drop,
The children’s mad antics came to a stop,

They jumped in the tub one after another,
Then trudged off to bed each kissing their mother,

She sang them a song about sunshine and grace,
Then walked through the room kissing each tender face,

She brewed a small cup of peppermint tea,
Then reached 'neath her seat and found a loose key,

She sighed and she laughed at the odd life she had,
As tears filled her eyes she knew she was glad.


Thank you, Mother Goose, for the inspiration!


  1. Lovely reading this poem with the focus on the Mom and her great patience and endurance! Funny, as a child, I wished I could live in a shoe with dozens of siblings, though the mom's treatment was a little harsh. I like this one much better. Judy

  2. It was fun to rewrite this poem with a sweeter ending. I never was too fond of..whipping them all soundly and putting them to bed! I'm glad you enjoyed the poem.