Friday, May 18, 2012

At the Zoo with Roo

I went to a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital at the Columbus Zoo last night and had the opportunity to hold a seven month old kangaroo (joey).  He is being hand-raised by the zoo staff.  They keep him in a fabric pouch much of the day to mimic his mother’s pouch.  When a kangaroo is born he is as small as a lima bean and stays in his mother's pouch for nine months before starting to venture out for small periods.  It  was thrilling to hold this baby Roo.  He was incredibly soft and gentle.

Rita with Roo - 2012
At the Zoo with Roo
The magnificence of nature
A heartbeat away,
 Cradled in human arms,
Trusting no harm
Will befall
In a place
Where the order
Of things
Sometimes flips,
Where docents rear young
Keeping watch in the night
With a small nursery light;
Raising young Roo
At the zoo.


  1. "Raising young Roo at the zoo" is one of the best lines I've ever read. Copyright it so you can write a children's book! Now to show this to a 2 yr old I know. I explain photos of kangaroo moms and babies by saying the mommy carries them in her "pocket" . . .which is somewhat close to the zoo raising.
    xoxo Judy

  2. Thank you! I wonder if the zoo would let me come out and see how they are raising him. Wouldn't that be fun? Let me know how the 2 year old likes the photo.