Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Poem: It's a Dastardly World

I recently heard a speaker discuss the many negative influences in our society – the things that challenge our moral compasses.  While making his point, he used several words that begin with the letter ‘D’.  It set me to thinking about words that begin with ‘D’ and I was off and running with a delicious array of dastardly words.  How could I resist writing a poem?  

Watch out for those ‘D’ words.  They’re a dangerous bunch. 

 It's a Dastardly World

It’s a dastardly world
full of doom and despair,
don’t linger in doorways
don’t wait on the stair,

for danger can lurk
In the strangest of places
with dull disregard
it makes ‘come hither’ faces,

the devil himself
might shrink from the dark
where nefarious deeds
can demean a pure heart,

where decadent acts
 defile the soul,
defeat with deceit,
deny what is whole,

with my dagger
in hand I’ll prove what is just,
I’ll battle the doom
 ‘til it dies in the dust,

it’s a dastardly world
full of doom and despair,

be watchful,
be brave,
be doubtful,

for the devil himself sometimes weeps in despair.


  1. Decidedly superb! Humorous, yet full of images that stay with me. Wonderful words. J

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I had a ton of fun writing it. So many words I didn't use like denigrate, degenerate, disquiet, disrespect, disgust, etc. Who knew there were so many delicious 'd' words?