Thursday, April 12, 2012

Poem: All I Can Do

 All I Can Do

I turned on the TV today
To see what the newsmen might say,

They talked about war and political strife,
About murders and guns; the worst stuff of life,

I started to frown, then worry set in;
It seemed like I’d watched this again and again,

It’s bringing me down - all the negative news,
I need to step out; take in some new views,

I might take a walk ‘round the path in the park,
Watch the sun set; stay out after dark,

I’ll look at the stars and say a short prayer,
I’ll send up a wish for folks everywhere,

All I can do is the best that I can,
At the end of the day that is true for each man,

We have to find balance in all that we do,
We still need the news,
But we need
 all the good wishes too.

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